Lighting Project

We received grant news for our LED underground trail lighting project from the governments Rural Dividend Grant for Special Circumstances. Our special circumstances were last year’s fires, which took a bite out of the local economy.  It’s pretty exciting; we’ve got some work ahead of us to get the job done.

Construction won’t begin till spring of 2019 as there are a number of regulatory hoops to jump through; but we’re super excited to have this grant. $388,375.00.
It’s been a long road of planning for this, with a lot of work by a number of people.

Thanks to Neil for envisioning and moving the project forward. Thanks to Maryanne for working with Neil and for going to meetings to drum up support from the CRD, the District and other groups. (They created a slide show to showcase what we have and what we do.)
Thanks to Annie for crunching the numbers so that Kathleen (thanks Kathleen) could write the actual grant proposal!

As Kristi said in the newspaper article, we paid for an Engineered plan a while back, which cost us some bucks but we think it went a long way to show the government we were serious about the project.