uphill trail ettiquette

Trail Etiquette

Like any other sport, there are rules of the road that keep everyone happy and safe! Bringing new members into our club or the sport requires a bit of education as well.

  • Obey all signs and ski within your ability.
  • Pack out all garbage, do not litter.
  • If you happen to fall, fill in your hole and fix the track.
  • Avoid herringbone on set tracks.
  • When stopping, move to the side of the trail.
  • Skiers coming downhill have the right-of-way. Slower skiers should give way to faster skiers.Faster skiers should give a courteous warning when passing slower skiers.
  • When skiing in a group, please travel in single file and ensure that you do not block the trail for others.
  • Snowshoeing is not permitted on groomed trails, except where snowshoe trails intersect with XC trails.  At these points, all users should exercise caution and respect.
  • Absolutely NO DOGS allowed on our ski and snowshoe trail system. NO exceptions.
  • Always display your ski pass.  If you do not have a pass, and come to ski after Lodge open hours, please pay in the Honour box, located at the sign by the parking lot.