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Cross Country Skiing BC

The Cariboo Offers Affordable Nordic Ski Resorts

The Cariboo Region of British Columbia offers top-notch Nordic and Cross Country skiing. Take a moment and learn about your options for your next winter vacation. 

British Columbia’s Nordic Ski Paradise: The 100 Mile Nordics Trail Network

Our club operates a groomed nordic ski trail network and lodge in 100 Mile House BC. This is the best “all-in-one” option in the region.  The club offers a ski lodge with services such as rentals, lessons,  food and drinks. There really is nothing like sipping on a tea by our woodstove after a ski in the fresh, cool air. There’s a lot of history to behold here and the quality of the trails, grooming and lodge is not equaled in the region.

The club itself has been in existence well over 30 years. In years gone by there was a massive racing scene in the South Cariboo that is evident when you see our tourist information centre. It features giant Nordic skis as our ‘gateway’ into town. Back in the day thousands of racers would converge in 100 Mile House to experience the the “Cariboo Marathon” which was more like a festival than it was a nordic ski event. Work is underway to rejuvenate the racing scene at the 100 Mile Nordics. A BC Northern Cup event is scheduled for February 2021.

Largest Pair of Nordic skiis 100 mile house
100 Mile Nordics Mascot “Foxy Moonbeam” Does A Snow Dance Beside The World’s Largest Pair Of CrossCountry Skis


Classic Nordic Skiing

This type of cross country skiing is the easiest to learn. Most people start off using this technique. The skis themselves are long and skinny. The technology has changed a bit in the past 15 years though. Gone are the days of the 3 pin binding. They’ve been replaced in favor of a more modern, “pro-link” style. When you ski with us at our club, you get 45km of track set trails that make it easy and fun to classic ski! We also offer the perfect place to try skiing for the first time.

Skate Skiing In The Cariboo

The other advantage the 100 Mile Nordics offer is groomed trails that are perfect for skate skiers! This technique is bit more physically demanding at first but most experienced cross country skiers prefer this technique. It provides a high level cardio burn and allows you to travel a bit faster than classic. Take advantage of one of our skills clinics and try out this super fun nordic skiing technique.

Other Nordic Skiing Venues In The South Cariboo

108 Mile Resort

Located lakeside at the 108 Resort and Golf Club is another option. Starting in 2020, the resort is going to track set and groom trails on the golf course.

108 Resort groomed nordic trails

People also ski on the lake itself. To access these trails, you can park a number of locations as shown on this map.

108 Mile Lake Greenbelt Trail

108 Mile ranch cross county skiing

Spruce Hills Resort

If you park at the Tunnel near the 108 Heritage site (see map) you can access even more Nordic skiing options. This trail network was legendary back in the day and was once part of a resort. Unfortunately, the trails have not been kept up or maintained. But you can still spot dozens of trail markers throughout the huge property. There is no charge to ski here and makes a nice option. There is no grooming or track setting. Note that the access point we suggest for trails is not on the resort land itself. So ski at your own risk. It’s not well marked but locals still can be found breaking new trails in the winter. You can access the trails from the resort parking lot as well.

FAQ’s About Cross Country Skiing In The South Cariboo

Where can I cross country ski with my dog near 100 Mile House

The best place to take your dog is 108 Mile Ranch. Take your pick of the lake trail or park at the Heritage Site on Highway 97 and proceed through the tunnel. You can also park here to access the lake trail and even the lake itself when frozen.

What places are the best cross country ski areas in British Columbia?

We feel the South Cariboo offers so many things you can’t find anywhere else.

  • The warm community spirit at the 100 Mile Nordics lodge is quite special.
  • You can also night ski until 10pm using the timed lighting system.
  • The Adventure park for kids features an exciting and playful route to enjoy.
  • Our snow is fluffy and light and stays until spring.
  • The temperatures hover around -10 most of the year.
  • You can easily create a multi-town trip and connect the ski areas between Penticton, Kamloops and Wells.

How long does it take to drive to 100 Mile House?

Vancouver: 5.5 Hours
Fraser Valley: 5 Hours
Kamloops: 2 Hours
Kelowna: 4 Hours

Is 100 Mile House a good place for a couple’s get-away?

Absolutely! You are going to love how affordable our hotels and resorts are! Why not rent a cabin and combine your trip with a Guest ranch stay, ice fishing trip or a sled excursion? You can cross country ski to one of the cabins and light yourself a fire and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and a snack. Head to the McGregor Cabin or the Beanstalk Cabin in the evening with headlamps and make a romantic night of it!