FAQ’s About Our Covid-19 Safety Protocols

The 2020-2021 Nordic’s season will look and feel different due to Covid-19 safety protocols and restrictions. Our club is mandated by the Provincial Government to produce our own guidelines for safe operation that adhere to current “best practices”. This FAQ section will answer most of your questions. However we invite you to download the complete PDF guidelines that we have produced to ensure everyone’s safety this season.

Will the lodge be open?

  • Yes, the upstairs will be open but with a limit of 15 people.
  • No social gatherings will be permitted
  • Your stay will be limited to 30 min in busy times.
  • Masks must be worn at all times inside the lodge except while eating. Buffs do not meet provincial regulations for face coverings.

If you prefer not to or cannot wear a mask, we offer online ticket sales and delivery of any rentals or food to the outside deck of the lodge.

Can you use the lodge bathroom?

Yes, if there’s capacity in the lodge and you’re wearing a mask. The lodge bathroom will have one-way traffic downstairs where you’ll exit out the basement. One person or family in the bathroom at one time. You must wear a mask in the lodge and sanitize your hands prior to using the bathroom. We have outhouses available by the waxing hut, in the parking lot and at the Beanstalk Cabin, MacGregor Cabin and far end of the touring loop.

Is the Skill Development Program running?

Yes, with limited capacity. Best to sign up right away. Depending on the size of your child(ren), rental skis may be available.

Will kids taking ski lessons be using the lodge?

No, because the lodge has limited capacity. Kids will arrive dressed and ready to ski. The waxing hut will have a fire on for warming but capacity is limited to 6 people or two families. No food will be shared. Outhouses will be used instead of the lodge bathroom. Families can choose to use the lodge on their own time if there is capacity.

Are there places for personal storage?

No, all belongings must be kept in your vehicle.

Can I buy day passes and rent skis/snowshoes?

Yes. We prefer that you book your day passes and rentals on-line prior to arriving. You can also phone ahead. If you don’t want to wear a mask, please pay on line and your equipment can be delivered to you on the lodge deck.

Will you be serving food in the lodge?

Yes, we probably will. We’re hoping to have more to-go options like sandwiches and goodies that you can enjoy outside the lodge.

Will you be accepting cash? 

Yes, but online payment or card is much preferred and appreciated for the safety of our staff. 

Can I come ski if I am sick? 

No. Stay home if you are feeling under the weather.
Use the BC COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool as a guide for a COVID diagnosis:

Get tested if you think you may have been infected.