Skills Development Program 2020

The younger members of the 100 Mile Nordics were out in full force in November after the first snowfall at Centennial Park.  This Skills Development Program runs from November to March and offers two opportunities a week for younger skiers to learn Nordic skiing.

It’s one of the most affordable recreation programs available for youth in the community. The program itself is part of Cross Country BC’s mandate to develop the sport and is sponsored by Kal Tire Provincially to keep the costs low. Youth aged 5 – 18 can participate. Depending on your child’s age, the rates are between $65 – $80.  

Tips: The system to register is a bit clunky. When you click, scroll to the bottom of the page and go to second page to view pass info. You need a seasons pass for kid, a membership and possibly rentals.

New this year is the “take home” rental program for children 12 and under. This allows us to reduce gear exchange and contact with staff at our lodge. Today many kids got to try on their gear and try it out in the fresh snow. Only $120 for the season!

Head Coach, Ken McKenzie says “We are really starting to develop a consistent group of skiers and that bodes well for the future of the club. Our executive has been involved in a multi year plan to bring racing back to our club. We need to start them young and develop a life long love of the sport like I have”.

McKenzies children have been in the program for many years and his wife Kristi Iverson, is also the Clubs President and a coach. 

The club is set to host its first race in over a decade this February. The BC Northern Cup is a regional race that brings nearby clubs together to race as part of a series. Clubs earn points and compete in six races throughout the season. Obviously, travelling restrictions may become a reality so virtual events are being planned as a backup.

McKenzie says Our program has room for 40 youth and there’s 26 signed up. I really can’t think of any other recreation program in the community that offers this kind of value. We are one of the few sports in town that can exist comfortably during Covid19. We ski Thursdays and Sundays. I’d love to see more people sign up. “

Interested parents are invited to sign up for the Skills Development Program . All participants are required to be club members and the process is handled outside by a third party registrar.

This week’s training focused on fun.  Kids and families spent a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon in the park getting used to the skis and team building. After the event, lots of kids traded the skis for toboggans and stuck around for some extra fun.

The community that surrounds this program is one of the most appealing features. It’s a tight knit group that is always open to meeting new families and locals alike.  Parents accompany kids during the early season. As they move towards actual ski lessons in a couple of weeks, there will be some restrictions placed on the program in terms of parent involvement in the class due to Covid19 Restrictions. Typically parents can ski with the classes and there is a potluck at the lodge after. But this year that won’t’ be permitted and the club is taking a wait and see approach to managing the restrictions for parent involvement.

The club itself has completed a Covid19 Safety Plan as per Viasport BC’s regulations. This year they’ll have a 15 person capacity and masks will be mandatory in the lodge.   In response to the restrictions the club has made it easier to pre-pay for passes and book rentals using the clubs website. This reduces your time in the lodge and contact with our staff. People can also purchase a pass and rentals as a gift.

Grooming at the clubs trails on Ainsworth Road has begun and they await additional snow fall before they open.

McKenzie was packing snow at the club prior to Sunday’s event and says “If we can get a bit more snow, I think we can open soon. It’s up to mother nature”.